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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Juicy interview with a RHONJ insider

Reality Crackhouse recently posted an interview with a source close to the Jersey Housewives. In the interview, the "source" who isn't named (ahem, coward!) gives us some juicy deets on Teresa and her brother Joe Gorga. He or she also confirms that Dina and Caroline are currently estranged. Here's a little bit from the post, 

Does Teresa have any female friends?
She doesn’t have any life long friends at all. She has random “friends” that come in and out of her life. But sooner or later they figure her out.
Just like Danielle!!
Pretty much! Teresa is the most vain, shallow, and materialistic person I have ever met. She really thinks she’s better than everyone.
Are Teresa and Dina really best friends?
Teresa is not best friends with Dina.
So maybe that’s why Dina was so surprised when Teresa made her Adrianna’s Godmother.
Dina had never even been to any of Teresa’s kid’s parties until the show started. Dina is another shady one with this friggin event planning nonsense. Puh-leeze!
Has she ever even planned a party for anyone besides her friends?
Lol! Not that I know of. Only friends… and barley that!
I heard a rumor that Dina and Caroline don’t get along anymore.
They don’t speak, they haven’t for a while. But I don’t know the exact reason why.
I heard Dina was talking shit about RHONJ on Twitter during the premier, but she erased her tweets before I had the chance to see them.
She was! Meanwhile, she was at Teresa’s premier party. But that was only so Teresa would go to her Project Lady Bug event last week.

To read more of the interview, including talks of Joe Gorga's temper and previous engagements, check out Reality Crackhouse! Props to RC, it's a good read! The only thing is, I know Dina does actually do event planning. My cousin had a baby shower at the Brownstone and apparently Dina helped them out a lot.  Caroline and Teresa do not really seem like friends and I can sense a little bit of tension between Jac and Tree. What do you guys think? More importantly, can we hear from Dina, Melissa or Teresa? Jacqueline? Boo... I don't want the Jersey ladies to be fake! I always thought they were the most genuine.