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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Real Friends on the Real Housewives?

"I get a lot of questions wondering if any of the "Housewives" are friends outside of filming. I have to say that I LOVE and ADORE Sonja and Alex. Fantastic friends who always have my back. Every girl needs some great girlfriends." - Ramona Singer

Michael Jackson impersonator at the Gorga christening

With the big brawl going on, we missed some fun parts of the Gorga christening! They hired a Michael Jackson impersonator! Here's the video from the celebration, is that Gia or Antonia in the white dress? Is baby Joey a MJ fan?! What do you think? Tweet me!

Behind the scenes of Brad's birthday

Brad Boles posted this behind the scenes video of his birthday party that was featured on last week's RHONY. He also raves about what a pleasure it was to have Jill Zarin at hist party in the post.

Kelly Bensimon knows how to rock the mini dress right

Kelly may frustrate many of us RHONY fans, but we can't deny the fact that she has a bangin' bod and amazing fashion sense. Well, she was a super model! Babble has a fab post about Kell and her love of the mini dress. Check it out here.

Brielle Zolciak and Bestie jam to Lawerence's 'Closet Freak'


Kim Zolciak's first born, Brielle posted this video on YouTube with her best friend. Sweetie makes an appearance as well! Too funny.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Project Ladybug's Wine Women and Shoes Ladies Night Out

Dina Manzo held her 5th annual Ladies Night Out at The Brownstone for Project Ladybug. I found this great video on YouTube showcasing the event. Check it out! By the way, I can't wait until Dina's new show comes out!

Taylor Armstrong explains extreme weight loss


Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Taylor Armstrong is expected to be causing the most drama on the next season! She recently spoke to OK! Magazine about her extreme weight loss and the status of her relationship,

“My husband, Russell, and I are together and in love and happier than ever. But I do want to tell OK! exactly what did happened. I decided I needed to drop a few pounds, but I went to unhealthy extremes.”
 "Russell brought home diet supplements two months ago because someone he knows wanted him to look at the company. We didn’t discuss the business end of it, but I started taking the supplements without him knowing. In the back of my mind I didn’t think they would even work, so I wasn’t worried — they were all natural and I thought you had to take prescription drugs to really ever lose weight."
Do you buy this? Do you think this will be a story line on the next season of Beverly Hills?

Source: OK! Magazine

New Housewife Alert: Marlo Hampton

Marlo Hampton is reportedly the newest addition to the Atlanta Housewives! She's been spotted filming events with the ladies, including Phaedra Parks, Cynthia Bailey and Sheree Whitfield. Marlo is the fiancee of footballer Charles Grant-- the Charles Grant NeNe was rumored to have been hanging around... ;) Sounds like this season will be far more interesting than the last, as Marlo even has  a criminal past! Well, she got into an altercation with another woman.  Apparently this is an attempt to push NeNe out of housewives and make way for some new stars. Boo... I love NeNe! You can get the full deets on Marlo on

Ok Kelly...

“I don’t have any enemies. I like everybody. I am Miss Congeniality. I’m a brunette. I don’t really hate anybody. I mean, they try to make me hate people, but I still don’t.” -- Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Anyone else think Kelly is Miss Congeniality?

Source: OK!

Jill on AOL


You’re watching You’ve Got Jill Zarin. See the Web's top videos on AOL Video

Things I Learned on Watch What Happens Live


1.“Sometimes I need to hold a drink cause I never know when I have to throw it in the brunette's face!” --- One of the million reasons I love Ramona

 2. Supposedly, Jill rented a house and yellow Lambo and pretended it was hers.

3. I love Willie Geist!
4. Luann is a shit talker. But if someone puts her dirty laundry out she'll flip the eff out. Oh dahling, you make me want to VOM.

5. This is mainly addressed to Cindy Barshop. As if you readers didn't know, if Andy Cohen comes to your house for a party, you better have that Maker's Mark. If Ramona Singer comes over, you better have that Pinot!

6. It's illegal to pick your nose in Israel!

Ramona and Willie were great guests! Still wish WWHL came on three times a week! Happy Memorial Day guys!

Kathy Wakile regrets approaching Tree at the fashion show

 New Jersey housewife said this about the fight in which she insulted Teresa's mothering,
"I wish that I had just turned and walked away,and said, 'You know what? This is not gonna be good.' And I didn't, if you notice, I didn't speak to her or try to talk to her in a threatening way. I took her in a different room, so we could have some quiet and not have everyone be involved. And you know, I did not attack her... Yes, she says I talked to her in soft voice, well I did, yeah. I didn't go as the aggressor. I didn't try to attack her. I was talking to her from a place of love."
She also says when approached by Bravo to be on a show, she had  no idea it was for 'Housewives.' What other show could they possibly want her for? Tabatha's Salon Take Over? hahaha.

Source: Zap2It

Needing your Beverly Hills housewife fix this summer?

Jennifer Su
Kim and Kyle Richards will be making a few appearances on their niece's new reality show on Oxygen, "The World According to Paris." The show airs on June 1st. I'll be watching, will you?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Teresa and Joe are def not splitting

InTouch Weekly has this posted across the cover but according to Teresa,

"You're not supposed to judge a magazine by its cover. Read the article.We're together and very happy! And check out the pictures of me, Joe, my brother and Melissa inside ... regardless of what she says, we really did all get along."
 I figured, Joe and Tree don't give off that crappy couple vibe. So Melissa keeps saying that we'll all see soon what the deal really is, but honestly... the more the show goes on the more disgusted I am with the Gorgas. What about you guys?

Source: PopEater

Bravo sends porn site 'cease and desist'

Nast and disgust. A porn site is using the Bravo logo and 'watch what happens' slogan to promote their 'Real Housewives of Scottsdale' XXX series. Bravo is pissed and they're aiming to get the site shut down for tampering with the Housewives franchise image. The site owner told TMZ they can go ahead and take him to court--- cause he's not going anywhere. 

Gross. So was that what that Arizona casting call was for?! Do you guys remember hearing about that? Gross. It's prob all saggy boobies and botched tummy tucks. Haha.

Source: TMZ

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Danielle Staub getting in the ring with a 'Teen Mom?'

Holy crap... this is hilarious. So the Celebrity Boxing Foundation is going to help out 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans if she decides to jump in the ring with fired housewife, Danielle Staub. Damon Feldman spoke to RadarOnline about the potential beat down, 

"I like Jenelle a lot and I have plans for her, we are going to possibly have her do a female Celebrity Boxing match against Danielle Staub, former 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star!"
Basically he's going to pay off this girl Jenelle beat the crap out of to drop charges against her if she fights.  Still not sure if this is legit yet, but even so--- I would LOVE to see this! Jenelle is young, but has proven she could kick some butt. But Danielle is smart, so she might come up with the right kind of crazy to beat this little girl down.

Source: RadarOnline

Gretchen orders Jay Photoglou to STFU

Orange County housewife Gretchen Rossi has asked a judge to shut her ex-boyfriend Jay the eff up! She is hoping to be granted a protective order to ensure he will not discuss "any information obtained through pretrial discovery, including her deposition," with the media.

Girl must have some REALLY dirty laundry, no? To learn  why Tamra hates her and all about Gretchen's scandalous saga with Jay and Jeff click here. And just a little warning a lot of the pictures are NSFW. 

How do you feel about Gretchen? Do you think she's turned a new leaf? Or is she still a bold-faced liar?

Source: RadarOnline

Friday, May 27, 2011

Vicki talks to E! News


Vicki spoke to E! News and answered loads of questions about the reunion, her divorce, a new reality show, Briana's health and more. Vicki is one of my favorite housewives! She built a freakin' empire with no college degree! She is seriously a woman to admire. Oh and does anyone else think the interviewer is annoying as hell?!

Jersey girls on Nate Berkus


Jersey housewives, Caroline, Jacqueline and Kathy received vintage makeovers on The Nate Berkus Show. Check it out.

Real life timeline: RHOC

Another great blog for Housewives news, Death by 1000 Papercuts has posted an article detailing the actual time line of events for this past season of Real Housewives of Orange County. It reveals how Bravo really pulls the wool over eyes sometimes! Check it out here.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Have a new idea for a pet product? Giggy can help!

The most famous pet on the housewives scene, Gigalo 'Giggy' Vanderpump, has teamed up with Edison Nation to find a chic and sexy pet product that matches his image! According to Inventor's Spot he's looking for the following: 
"• Carriers and travel products that combine function and style
 • Harnesses, leashes and matching accessories that promote unity and identity
 • Toys for the playful and smart pup
 • Grooming and beauty items that are both dog and earth-friendly
 • Bed and home products that promote comfort and have a clean design "
For more information visit Inventor's Spot.

Things I Learned on Watch What Happens Live

1. Watching Teresa is making me depressed. Feel better!  Everyone is rooting for you!
2. Jacqueline Laurita is the new and only actually funny housewife and... WASTED! LOVE IT!
3.  No one gives an eff about Danielle Staub or Kim G
4. Ashlee Holmes is BLONDE and got lip filler!! OMG. She looks hot though! Get itt.
5. I'm not the only person with curly hair, that straightens it and keeps it for a week. (It's so dry when I first straighten, it doesn't even get the natural oils back for that long anyway, if it does-- I bust out that dry shampoo!)
6.Jersey LOVES ham and so does Jacqueline...

Make sure you guys watch The After Show, that's where most of the good stuff is anyway! :) Also, please tweet me and let me know who you think the hottest housewife is, I'd prefer if you tell me your top 5! Thanks.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Blogs I'm diggin! ::: The Big Blonde Hair Blog

Are you lovin' the style of our favorite ladies of Bravo? Wondering where you can find Gretchen Rossi's shoes? Or Melissa Gorga's sexy top? Well check out The Big Blonde Hair Blog! I stumbled across it through my Google Alerts and now, I am completely obsessed! Lauren posts some of the hottest clothes and accessories we see each night on Housewives and tells you where you can find it! She's super cute and her blog is a fun read! Check out The Big Blonde Hair Blog.

Melissa almost quit RHONJ

After the christening debacle during filming of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa Gorga wanted out! Melissa told Billy Bush,
"It was hard to watch, it's still hard. You know from the second I saw it, right after the baptism happened. I wanted off the show. I called the producers, 'This is crazy, I can't do this.' But, it happened. I'm in it now."
Glad you could handle it Melissa cause we want to see more! Gotta stay tough on these shows, it's only the beginning! 

Source: NBC

Is NeNe moving to Miami?!


Oh emm gee! Is NeNe moving to Miami?!  Apparently while filming in Miami for RHOA with Cynthia and Kandi, the 'realest' housewife of  Atlanta took some time to check out some homes. Coincidentally her real estate agent, Darin Feldman, who took her to see the multi-millon dollar homes is in negotiations to be apart of a reality show about real estate. A source said this about her visit,
“The homes that were shown all ranged in the millions. I assume she is doing a lot better [than ex husband Greg], since she is actively looking for million dollar properties."
How crazy would it be if NeNe became a Miami housewife? It would probably make the show actually interesting... but it's prob not going to happen. As long as she's on my T.V. screen I don't care where she goes! On a side note, is NeNe making millions? Anybody know?

Source: Miami Herald
Photo Credit: Anonymonk

What I Learned on WWHL last night

1. It is nearly impossible to get a whole-hearted apology from a Housewife. No matter how much of an ass she could have been.
2. Kara Dioguardi has never watched an episode of anything on Bravo.
3. Tardy for the Party is still and always will be the BEST Housewives song everrr :)
4. Gretchen doesn't understand why everyone cares if Slade has a job. Really?!
5. Gretchen visited Vicki in the hospital, so maybe we shouldn't hate on her too much.

BTW- I like Gretchen. I think she had a shady past but she seems like a very different girl. I hope her and Slade are able to work this out!

Sonja Morgan owes 7 million bucks!!

Sonja Morgan has been accused of fradulent conduct by Hannibal Pictures after pulling out of funding a movie called Fast Flash to Bang Time. The United States Court of Appeals upheld the $7 mill judgment against 'Lady Morgan.' The owner of Hannibal Pictures, Richard Rionda del Castro sounds pretty effing serious too, 

"With the confirmation by one of the highest Courts of our country, the masks are falling and there is no longer any doubt that we were defrauded and severely damaged. We are now going to collect to the fullest extent of the law"
Turns out Sonja filed for bankruptcy in November and she claims the movie wasn't made because it's star John Travolta had "various conditions" that Sonja Productions was unable to meet. I wonder if this is going to be featured on the show?!! You know it's going to be a question on her next visit to Watch What Happens Live or a whole freakin' segment on the reunion show!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Camille tones it down for season two of RHOBH

Although Bravo has yet to announce the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, let alone a second season, word on the street is one housewife isn't causing enough drama for the producers this season! Apparently Camille has toned it down in an effort to keep her children and score that $50 million from her divorce with Kelsey Grammer. The producers apparently told her to be more interesting! One source claimed,
"She is caught in a real dilemma. She wants the attention. But she's not stupid. She's not going to throw away $50 million for some stupid show. She is not going to act crazy and allow Kelsey to use that to argue for full custody of the kids."
Who do you want to see on the next season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Source: NY Post

RHONJ ladies talk with Wendy Williams


First of all, I have to say the Jersey girls looked super hot on the Wendy Williams show last week! Teresa looks to be in fantastic shape!  Melissa seems very classy in the interview as she defends her husband. She may have been putting on a front for Wendy, but I think shes growing on me. I felt terrible for Teresa when Wendy asked her about her financial issues. What do you think about the interview? Who is your favorite this season?

Ramona puts Jill on blast through Facebook

Uh-oh Jill. Looks like Ramona put you on blast via her Facebook page! Our Pinot guzzling New Yorker was pretty heated about Jill saying she wasn't asked to serve the wine at the anti-bullying fashion show. Above are the e-mails exchanged between Ramona's assistant, Melissa, and Jill's manager Darren proving Jill a fibber! Here's what Ramona posted along with the e-mails: 

"Good morning. On last night's episode, Jill denied that I was ever asked to bring wine to serve to the ladies at the charity lunch. Please see the emails between our assistants confirming just that! Another Jill lie..."
Whooo girrrl. Do you think Jill will respond? Check out Ramona's Facebook page here. Check out The Housewives Hoedown Facebook too while you're at it!

UPDATE: Jill responded on Twitter to Ramona... 
"I will respond to Ramona's PROOF in my next newsletter. Sign up at"

Interview with Peggy

Peggy did an interview for Blairing Out! while she was attending a film festival in Newport Beach. In the interview she chats about the ladies of the O.C. I never thought about this before until she mentioned it in the interview, Peggy, Vicki and Tamra are all in their forties and Gretchen and Alexis are in their early thirties. Now I can understand why Gretchen and Alexis hang out! I always wondered what they could possibly have in common.

Sonja suggests Bravo 'cut' her as cray cray

Real Housewife of New York Sonja Morgan held an event for Beach Bum Tanning this past week. When asked what she thinks about appearing 'crazy' on this season of Housewives she said,
"You seem funny. But they'd cut you as crazy too."
Sonja seems like a lot of fun, but sometimes she does seem like a looney tune. Especially when her Spanx were hanging out at the baseball game. What do you think of Sonja?

Source: Wall Street Journal

Photo Credit: STYLEMOM

Saturday, May 21, 2011

LuAnn's daughter kicked out of posh Hamptons school

Countess Luann's daughter reportedly was asked to leave the Tony Ross School in the Hamptons after that video of Victoria smoking a joint and using the N word surfaced on the internet. Ramona Singer was actually the one to share the YouTube video via twitter and later deleted it. However, LuAnn's rep had this to say, 
"Your information is incorrect. Victoria withdrew from Ross School five months ago, but it was unrelated to the video. She is happily looking forward to studying art in Paris this summer."
Victoria is now attending a public school in the Hamptons.

Source: NY Post

Thursday, May 19, 2011

New York Trip!

I will be in the city for a... haha... a christening.. this June. Many of you know, I'm planning a trip to visit some housewives spots and I'd love to know where you guys want to see me go! So e-mail me at !! If you'd like to donate to help make this trip extra awesome, you can donate down on the sidebar there or help me score some cash the old fashion way... advertising! Also, make sure you're following me on Twitter and Facebook!

Twitter Spoilers for RHOC Reunion

The Orange County housewives filmed their season six reunion show on Tuesday and almost all of the ladies tweeted a few times throughout the 13 hour filming. Alexis and Fernanda even tweeted the pictures posted. Vicki, Jeana and Lynne however,  did not tweet. Here's what each of them had to say.

Tamra Barney (@TamraBarney): Off to LA to film the reunion show....any suggestions? It's going to be a LONG day!

Tamra Barney (@TamraBarney): Kept my cool on first act... 5 more to go!

Tamra Barney (@TamraBarney): Holy shit get me out of here!!!! No more reunion taping PLZ

Tamra tweeted this a few days later...

Tamra Barney (@TamraBarney): Everyone keeps asking me about reunion show taping? Well I can't say too got Very heated and the liars did what they do best "LIED & DENIED" of course you know how much I hate me sum liars!

Peggy Tanous (@PeggyTanous): Shootin reunion. Can you all believe they only invited Slade to film & would not even allow Micah to be here with me. What do you all think?

Peggy Tanous (@PeggyTanous): So happy reunion is over!! 11 hrs at the studio. So happy to be with my living family today!! Reunion will b gr8!! Lots of emotions!!

Peggy Tanous (@PeggyTanous): Actually realized we were there 13hrs. 1st reunion wasn't as bad as I expected. Very emotional & draining but also a relief 2 address issues

Peggy Tanous (@PeggyTanous): Lynne, Jeana and Fernanda all made appearances so lots of fun and different situations addressed!!

Alexis Bellino (@AlexisBellino): Filming the reunion... Here come the fireworks!

Gretchen Rossi (@GretchenRossi): Ready for the reunion set!! Here we go girls!
Gretchen Rossi (@GretchenRossi): Whoa long ass reunion show yesterday! Quite a crazy and emotional day! All us woman sure can fight!

Fernanda Rocha (@FernandaFitness): Filming Reunion Show today!! Suggestions pls ::

Fernanda Rocha (@FernandaFitness):..ready for Reunion Shooting!!!

Melissa Gorga explains cookie incident

So I'm sure you've all seen Melissa mention the cookie incident during the season promo for Real Housewives of New Jersey. Well Real City Housewife did some investigating a while back and found this post on Melissa's Facebook page,
"Finds it amazing how you can bring Christmas cookies to someones house, then go back there again the next day after Christmas b/c of a different celebration, and the woman of the house picks up some cookies and says to you, “these are the k…ind of cookies I like, when you come to my house bring these cookies, I threw out the ones that you brought, did you get them from A & P” a supermarket”, NO I replied, I got them from Corrados, an excellent Italian shop, that we all know and love. And I’m pregnant so those caught my eye and I bought them, then she replied, “I threw them in the garbage I don’t like those kinds of cookies” NOTE TO SELF: I should have said, ” Well they are better then the NOTHING THAT YOU BRING TO MY HOUSE EVERY EASTER!! How can someone be so rude, and always want to attack someone else, what could it be, HMMMMM! I think I might know but I wont go there. I think some people need to come back to plant earth, Oh I forgot, she also let everyone know Last night, AND I QUOTE ” I AM A CELEBRITY” I’ve been quiet for so long but now you’ve pushed me right over the edge! RIGHT OVER IT!!"
I can see now why she is constantly hating on Teresa.  She's probably so hurt and done with her she just couldn't wait to put her on blast. The only thing is with all the hating she appears to be the jealous one. What do you think of this? Are you Team Gorga or Team Giudice?

Ew... really? Rachel Uchitel on RHONY?

I would hope Bravo would steer clear of these kind of women for housewives, but then I remembered there are couple housewives who have cheated on their spouses or played the role of 'the other woman.' Supposedly Rachel Uchitel was approached to be a cast member on Real Housewives of New York. Normally, I would shoot down this rumor as false.. but when Bravo was reached about the rumor all they said was, "No comment." So ew ew ew... does this actually mean they were considering her? Really? Glad it didn't go through because I'm sure there would be a lot of unhappy housewives fans. Not gonna lie though, her story about her losing her fiance on 9/11 is heartbreaking. What do you guys think about that?

Source: NY Post

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gretchen goes jogging on the beach in her bikini

So Gretchen took to the Beach in this bikini for a totally not staged, candid photo shoot. She had a fun day, running on the beach, even had a beach ball! Wonder if she's trying to score some extra bucks to help her tubba wubba out. Note to Gretch: please don't call anyone else a famewhore. The last person who pulled shit like this was Heidi Montag, now she's on a reality show with Danielle Staub and her nose is falling off.

Source: Socialite Life

Danielle is seeking help now

In what I'm guessing is a ploy for more publicity Danielle Staub is seeking psychological help from issues she faced as a child. She told People,
"Seeing how I have hurt myself and my family this time. I can no longer push it behind me."
I hope she means it for her beautiful daughters sake. But I'm guessing she just wants on Celebrity Rehab.

Source: People

Danielle Staub is stripping again.

Former Jersey housewife, Danielle Staub has signed a three-year deal with Scores Gentleman's Club to do one live appearance and occasional appearances on Come on Dirty D!! What do your girls think of this?!

Source: TMZ

Andy Cohen on David Letterman


My favorite Bravolebrity Andy Cohen was on David Letterman on Monday!  He talked about how the Housewives franchise came about, drinking on Watch What Happens Live and the D.C. Housewives demise. Hahaha, don't you guys get excited to see him on big shows like this and think, "Aww our little Andy Cohen!" In reality, he's the Executive Vice President of Programming for Bravo. He seems so humble, I always forget he's the man in charge! Props.. I mean mazel to you Andy! :)

Jill shows off her home

Patrick Sandora
Jill Zarin showed off her beautiful home in an interview with She Knows Home and Garden. To see the full article and the beautiful apartment overlooking  NYC check out

Gawker makes up some story with no proof or evidence

So Gawker posted an article accusing RHONY, Jill Zarin of posing as her own fans and  writing all these pro-Jill comments on an article about Bravo replacing the  New York housewives.They also accused her of writing a fake review for her book, "Secrets of a Jewish Mother" on Amazon. I'm surprised they were able to do this without any solid proof.

As a blogger and avid tweeter of all things Housewives related, I know for a fact Jill has some crazy ass fans. Those red-heads are all about her and they call themselves the 'gingerettes.'  A lot of people also have a heart for Jill because she took such a beating last year for her situation with Bethenny. Even fans who were disgusted with her last season are feeling for her this season.

So Gawker, I think you owe Jill and her fans an apology? Check out the article here.

AMAZING ACCOMPLISHMENT: Bethenny Frankel on the cover of Forbes!!

WOW! I have yet another congratulations to send out to Bethenny Frankel. She has scored the cover of Forbes magazine! The article says this about Bethenny, 
"Since 2005 Frankel has become the most well-known entrepreneur on television by making her business everyone's business."
I love that! So true... that is why we love Bethenny- she doesn't hold anything back! She shares her hopes to eventually turn Skinnygirl into a billion dollar business. The article makes me feel like anything is possible! She is such an inspiration. Make sure you read it on!

Kyle and Mauricio displaying major PDA at Wango Tango

Get ittt! Kyle Richards tweeted 
"Always liked Jennifer Lopez but now I LOVE her after seeing her tonight at Wango Tango."
Maybe that's her way of thanking JLo for giving her the chance to take a break from the madness and make out with her hubby! Apparently, Mauricio and Kyle were all sorts of grinding and kissing in public during the singer's set. Our source was hating on the Beverly Hills couple, but whatever! They truly love each other! Just because you're a parent doesn't mean you can't have fun.

Source: Hollywood Life

Peggy Tanous sues to stop foreclosure

Many of you know Real Housewife of Orange County Peggy Tanous is currently struggling to keep her home. According to Peggy, she and Micah had a deal with the bank to pay only the interest for the next ten years and was completely shocked in November when the banks filed for foreclosure on her home. Pegs has now filed a lawsuit against BAC Home Loans Servicing, a subsidiary of Bank of America, the National Bank Association, Reconstrust Company, and PNC Mortgage. I hope it works out to her benefit! These O.C. housewives have all had a hard time keeping their homes. The only one who hasn't had a loan modification, foreclosure warning or short sale on her home was Vicki. Well Gretchen hasn't either, but as far as I know she's not living like the other women are.

Source: Wall Street Journal Blog

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kelsey Grammer is attempting to take Camille's children

Kelsey Grammer has filed for sole custody of his two children he had with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member, Camille Grammer. Of course our Beverly Hills gal won't hold back on how she feels about this, she called the move
Another act of creepishness and chutzpah.”
According to Camille, the children are exactly where they want to be. This is so mean of Kelsey, after playing her dirty... really? Another act of selfishness. Apparently Camille isn't worried at all about this attempt. Good for her, I hope she keeps the kids. That would be cruel to move them from California where they've grown up.

Source: TMZ

Melissa explains brawl to New York post

Teresa's sister-in-law and new housewife, Melissa Gorga took some time to speak to the New York Post about the christening brawl. She spoke honestly about the reasons they have had problems with Teresa and what didn't start the fight,
"The fight didn't start when [Teresa] came up and said, 'Hello.' Nobody in their right mind would start a fight over that."
 Well duh... anyone in their right mind knows there was more to it than that. The thing is, if you wanted the Christening to be so perfect, you should've just smiled and maybe rolled your eyes. Cursing and calling someone garbage... you're asking for a brawl. She claims Teresa wasn't so nice after learning they were joining the cast,

"We were getting ridiculous, ridiculous calls from Teresa after we signed up for the show. You wouldn't believe the things she was saying. They were completely uncalled for and not the kind of thing you'd ever expect a sister to say to her brother."
I'm sure there is truth to what Melissa is saying. I would probably like her if she would admit this was the wrong place and wrong time to start with Teresa. How do you feel about the Gorgas?

Source: New York Post

Congratulations Real Housewives of New Jersey!!

Real Houswives of New Jersey broke records last night with the highest rated season premiere in Bravo's history! Congratulations ladies, not only did you hit a high point with each demographic but you also were the most talked about cable television show in social media! Next week's episode should be another great one as our favorite Jersey girls celebrate Halloween! Can't wait to see Joe Gorga dressed as Snooki!

Orange County Housewives filiming reunion as we speak

Gretchen tweeted this picture as she gets ready to take on the ladies for another Real Housewives of Orange County reunion! It's filming right this very second!! What would you guys like to see go down on the reunion? Bet Vicki's pissed they're filming on a work day hardy har-har. Good luck to you Andy Cohen, although I'm sure this will be mild compared to what you will endure on the New York and Jersey reunions...

Very first VLOG: RHONJ 3x1


I just want to thank all of you for reading my blog and following me on Twitter. I LOVE getting feedback from all of you. You're all amazing! Here is my Vlog for the Real Housewives of New Jersey premiere. I'm a little nervous about it, it's my first one. So tell me what you like and don't like. FYI: I will no longer hate on Kelly for saying like. I obviously have the same habit. lol. Do you want me to recap the entire episode or just splurr out random stuff like this? lol. Let me know!

Uhh... soo...

I don't know how to even start blogging again after last nights KAAAH- RAYY - ZAYY premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Sometimes I was yelling at the TV, I was almost about to cry, and then I  just sat silent in shock. If we housewives fans ever needed an episode of Watch What Happens Live, last night was the night! I'm going to attempt to Vlog a recap of the show. So stay tuned!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Alexis talks her eating disorder with Dr.Drew

Alexis spoke open and honestly with Dr. Drew about her previous struggles with an eating disorder. I think Alexis is growing up so much this season and I think we will see a different girl at the reunion. Everyone hates on her, but I can't help it I like her!

Fernanda shares booty workout on her website


RHOC's Fernanda shared a booty workout on her website. I'll def be trying that out, girlfriend has a bangin' body!!

Cake Update!

Simon VanKempen tweeted this picture of the cake at the Brownstone! He also asked, 
"Can you place each cast member to their placement on the cake?" 
Well... yeah! I'd say the rankings are fairly accurate according to the cake, but does anyone really care? It's Jersey, not New York. None of them are huge fame whores. At least I don't think they care... I guess we shall see this season!

LuAnn speaks at NYU's School of Nursing commencement

 LuAnn spoke at NYU's School of Nursing commencement and  I actually have a lot more respect for her after realizing she has her degree in Nursing. I never really cared for her so never did much research on the woman. I just figured she was a pretty face who got lucky and ended up a Countess.  Anyway, she spoke and told Radar Online how the opportunity came about,

 "I met the Dean of the NYU College of Nursing and she just loved all the humanitarian work that I do and so she asked me to be the keynote speaker."

LuAnn developed a passion for nursing at very young age, 

“I worked in a home for the elderly when I was only 14 years old, my job was to wash dishes in the back but I would chat with everyone there and I just fell in love with the elderly.”
She also said a bunch of annoying stuff about how model scouts would rather ride in a plane with a nurse than a waitress or something. To see the whole article click below.

Source: Radar Online

Preview of tonight's premiere party at the Brownstone


 Here's a preview of what you guys attending the premiere at The Brownstone can expect! I'd love to be there, looks like a blast. Not only will the Jersey housewives (minus Teresa) be there, but so will Alex and Simon from RHONY. I'm pretty sure Simon will be performing 'I Am Real.' I don't know what you guys should be more excited about, another trippy Simon performance or that awesome cake! Have fun and enjoy the show everyone!! GOOD LUCK HOUSEWIVES!

Slade planning charity event for cancer stricken son

Slade Smiley or Slimy (as many RHOC fans prefer), is teaming up with Victor Paul Salon to put together a charity event in support of his son Grayson. As many of you know, Grayson is suffering from brain cancer. Recently, Smiley has come under attack by the press, due to his outstanding child support bills. Many have been referring to him as a "deadbeat dad." Gretchen also suggests that a certain person is responsible for all of the bad press. I wonder who it could be? Tamra? Vicki? The boy's mom? Uhh... how about Slade himself? I hate it when reality stars can't take responsibility for their actions. For the little boy's sake I hope Slade is able to find work and create a successful event. However, if it were my son I'd swallow my pride and take a job wherever I can. Even if it means McDonald's!!

Source: LaLate

Jersey sneak peek

Tonight is the long awaited premiere of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and I don't know about you but I CANNOT WAIT to find out what the hell is going on between Teresa and Melissa!! Click here to get a sneak peek at the drama on

Bethenny on Ellen

Bethenny was on the Ellen show last week and answered a ton of audience questions! Of course she answered in the only way she knows how, ridiculously honestly. She even answers the age old question- “How do I make it through my pregnancy without drinking?!” She also talks about making baby number two with Jason. Is she joking when she says tonight or totally serious? Hopefully serious, because they make adorable babies! It's a good watch for Bethenny fans!! So... do it!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Alexis' Eating Disorder


Tonight on RHOC Alexis will talk about her struggles with an eating disorder, above is a bit of her interview with E! News. It's good to see Peggy, Tamra and Alexis be very upfront about their problems. It makes us all realize that no one's perfect and these women deal with the same things we do! She seems to be a healthy woman, I hope she continues to conquer her battle! That's probably why people watch Real Housewives. We love it when we can relate in some way to what we're watching. I hope sharing proved to be therapeutic for both women!

Poll Question


Which housewives would you like to see resolve their feud?
NeNe and Kim
Camille and Kyle
Jill and Ramona
Peggy and Alexis
Jeana and Vicki
Tamra and Gretchen
Lea and Cristy
Danielle and RHONJ S1 Cast free polls

Couldn't pass this one up...


"Forget 'Jersey Shore.' It's the Olive Garden that gives us Italians a bad name!” -Teresa Giudice

One of the many reasons I love Teresa! That's so true! haha.


According to Page Six, our ladies of New York aren't rich enough for Bravo's taste. Supposedly, since the Beverly Hills housewives brought in so many viewers with ridiculously rich cast members like Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer, they're quietly searching for women of the same standard throughout New York. Nooo! We love our New York ladies! Not gonna lie though, after watching RHOBH I was thinking, "Aren't there ladies who are just as rich in NYC?" But still don't change them! To read more on this check out Page Six. What do you think of this? Tweet me @HouswivesHodown or leave a comment!

Twitterview with Ramona Singer

Ramona did a 'Twitterview' with Wonderwall and was asked why she's been so 'Ramotional' this season. Here's what she tweeted, 

"Avery college in 2 yrs. Will be such a void. I have my husband/businesses. Need to know which friends will be there for me."
At least our favorite wino can admit she's been Ramotional! All of those reasons make sense. I'm still confused, I can't decide if I'm Team Ramona or Team Jill. I've been a huge Ramona fan since season one. But Jill was pretty convincing in her UStream. So I guess I'm just hoping they can resolve things. They've been friends for so long! What about you? Are you Team Jill or Team Ramona! Tweet me @HouswivesHodown or comment! For more of this 'Twitterview' click here.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

New York Trip

Me and two of my girls last summer in NYC.
Some of you may know I'm planning a trip to NY to do some housewife spotting and reviewing. I'll be checking out all of our ladies favorite filming locations and I'm hoping to garner enough attention on here that I can meet a housewife or two (here's hoping). I'd like to make this the best trip possible so your support is greatly appreciated. Check out the sponsor section for more information. Positive reinforcement doesn't hurt either. If you love the blog or want to see something different, please let me know! Email me at Also tell me if there are any specific spots in NYC or Jersey you guys want to see on the blog!

Friday, May 13, 2011

TwitPic of the Day from Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga (@melissa_gorga): - I can't deny it I love her!

RHONJ vet Caroline Manzo and newbie Melissa Gorga sported their stunna shades as they hit the town after a long day of press Thursday night. Have fun ladies! You deserve it. 

Vicki has a new... Donn?

Our hardworking "O.C. O.G." has a new man in her life, who looks just like Donn!  She's told the press he's not her boyfriend, but those at a store Vicki shopped at say she told them otherwise. She seemed 'happy and in love.' Mystery man even picked up the tab on her shopping trip! Sounds like he's keeping her love tank full! Find out more about their shopping trip on E! Online.