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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Housewives OUT & ABOUT: Jill and Ally

Check out the pictures from the World Premiere of Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Zarkana’ held at Radio City Music Hall last night. Jill and daughter Ally attended. See them here.

Chic C'est La Vie video


Bahahaha. How awkward is Jill?!This is hilarious and the ladies look like they are having fun, so I'm not going to hate. They don't seem to be taking themselves too seriously. As much as I can't stand LuAnn on the show, I'm loving the video! Glad you had a good time ladies.

LuAnn hates on Bethenny and defends herself

LuAnn spoke to The Famous and hated on Bethenny and Alex. About Bethenny missing from this season:

"I'm so glad she's gone," she tells The Famous. "Oh, yeah. Let her go off with her husband, off into the sunset. God bless her. Kelly's been amazing this season, and I think you see the true Kelly," she says. "She got a really bad rap last season. Because, you know, it's hard to battle against Bethenny."

She also defends herself against Alex McCord calling her "vile" and "condescending,"
"People do say that -- and I guess I can come off that way -- but it's not ill meaning or anything like that," says Countess, who calls McCord a "weirdo." "I guess it's just a different way of looking at it, and I'm not going to apologize for the way I am."

She goes on tooting her own horn, 

"I'm just saying that I'm living my dream come true and I'm having fun. And, you know, I inspire women of all ages. I have 10-year-olds come up to me, 20-year-olds, 40-year-olds ... I mean, every age. ... That's the best part for me: when they ask me, 'How do you do it Countess?'"
Okay, maybe I'm a hater. Or maybe she's just annoying! Tweet me, comment or share your thoughts on my Facebook Wall.

Source: Yahoo

Meet Baby KJ

Kim Zolciak introduced the world to her new baby boy via Life & Style magazine. Kroy Jagger AKA K.J. was born on May 31, 2011 to Kim and lover Kroy Biermann! Ariana chose the middle name. Kim states,
'The kids like to play Tardy for the Party for him, the other day, he was fussy and we played Google Me for him - he calmed right down. The girls said: 'Mommy he likes your songs.'
Kim is already planning on having another baby so little K.J. can have a playmate! She did say she hopes to get married before then.

Congrats Kim, Kroy, Brielle and Ariana!
Source: DailyMail

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

LuAnn is now a blonde!

LuAnn de Lesseps has gotten a blonde make-over with extensions to boot! Does this mean she's joining Ramona, Sonja and Alex on Team Blonde?! How do you think she looks? I don't hate it, except for the crappy extensions. Tweet me, comment or post on my Facebook wall!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bravo's newest show, that might be able to run with the Housewives


Peggy talks Alexis & PPD

It's a few weeks old, but it's still interesting either way.

Housewives OUT & ABOUT: Ramona & LuAnn

Real Housewives of New York Ramona and LuAnn both attended the 16th Annual Artists Against Abuse Benefit Gala at the Ross School Lower Campus Field House in the Hamptons on Saturday, June 25, 2011. Both ladies were accompanied by their men, Mario and Jacques. Check out the details and photos from the event here.

9 summer drinks from Bethenny

I'm not posting about baby #2 or how Bethenny is taking on too many projects or her new daytime talk show, because I've already posted about those things enough. I'll fill you guys in on the latest with Bethenny as it comes. But for now, has a great article with 9 healthy summer drinks from our favorite housewife of them all. Check it out here.

Gretchen Rossi selling clothes on eBay



Gretchen continues to hustle as she just opened an eBay store selling her previously owned clothes. The only thing is she's selling previously owned tops from like, Express for 40 bucks!! Really, Gretch?! First of all, whoever is paying that much for a top somebody else owned is an idiot, I don't care how big of a housewife fan you are.  If you are one of those people interested in shopping at Gretchen's overpriced eBay store check it out here. What do you guys think? Tweet me, comment or post on my Facebook wall!

Housewives OUT & ABOUT: NeNe at the BET Awards


Housewives OUT & ABOUT: Sonja Morgan

Sonja Morgan attended the Broadway Sings Benefit Concert for the LGBT community last night in NYC. Check out the pictures here.

Monday, June 27, 2011

HOUSEWIVES OUT&ABOUT: Kim Richards in Hawaii too! With a boyfriend?!

I recently told you guys the ladies of Beverly Hills were filming in Hawaii! Brandi, Kyle, Lisa and Camille were the only ones I'd seen pictures of until now. Kim Richards was spotted crushing some french fries by the pool with a guy. Wonder if he's a boyfriend? Check out the pictures on The Daily Mail. Also, I have yet to see pictures of Adrienne and Taylor on the trip. Let me know if you come across any.

UPDATE: The guy in the pictures is Kim's new beau, Ken Blumenfield.

Alex answers claims she won't be returning to RHONY


Alex McCord tells PopEater, 

"If I had a dollar every time an 'inside source,' i.e. a cast member, leaked a 'story' that I was out of RHONY, I'd be a multi-millionairess!"
However, she didn't mention Cindy Barshop! Apparently, Cindy was very quiet throughout the reunion. One of the cast members (I wonder who?!) told Rob Shuter,
"Cindy [Barshop] barely spoke at the taping, and when she did talk about her time on the show it was in the past tense. She is definitely not coming back."
  Well, I guess we'll just have to 'Watch What Happens'.... Thoughts?

Source: PopEater

Housewives OUT & ABOUT: Michaele Salahi

Michaele fame whored it up some more this weekend in Fort Lauderdale. She modeled on the beach looking like a skeletal granny in a bikini.  BTW-- don't you think her performance was creepy?!

Source: TMZ

Bethenny isn't surprised that Alex & Cindy may get the boot from RHONY

BBC World Service
Bethenny suggests Alex wasn't doing it for Bravo until last season & Cindy is "too normal" to keep up with the other Bravo housewives. Here's an excerpt from :
 ”I’m not surprised,” Bethenny tells exclusively. “Having seven Housewives is kind of a lot, you can’t have seven. They’re all great, but someone has to go.”

“I’m not surprised about Cindy — she was new and maybe too normal,” continues Bethenny. “She looked a little overwhelmed with everything, but it’s great for her business and it definitely brought awareness to it.”

Cindy, who owns a chain of popular spas called Completely Bare, probably had a tough time focusing on her business and making time to film. “Cindy and I have mutual friends and she probably doesn’t have a lot of time or want to deal with it,” explains Bethenny. “Honestly, it could be really exhausting.”

“And Alex — I don’t know, I honestly haven’t watched enough to know,” adds Bethenny. “I know it almost happened last year, but then she really got into a lot drama.”
I agree with Bethenny, it's really not that Cindy isn't likable, she is just too normal to be entertaining for reality TV! She should  take that as a compliment. Alex, well she's likable but not very relatable to the at home audience. I always rooted for her for some reason though. The only thing is, I don't think she will peace out of RHONY without a fight. I'm not gonna lie, I do hope they bring in some new glamorous blood onto RHONY! Let me know if you think otherwise!

Source: HollywoodLife

Bye Bye Alex & Cindy!!

Hollywood Life is reporting that Alex McCord and Cindy Barshop will NOT be returning next season to The Real Housewives of New York. Kelly, LuAnn, Ramona, Sonja and Jill are all reportedly set to return next season. A rep for Bravo states:

“No decisions have been made regarding next season. Everything at this point is rumor.”
 Well they're not denying it! I wouldn't be that surprised actually. Alex seems to be playing up the dramz for the camera and Cindy is well, ridiculously boring. What do you guys think? Who would you like to see go? 

Source: Hollywood Life

Housewives OUT & ABOUT: Fernanda Rocha in Chicago

Fernanda Rocha, real housewife of Orange County and grand marshal of the Chicago Pride Parade was spotted at Proud to Run Chicago 2011. Check out the pictures here. Does anyone know if any Bravo cameras were on the scene?! Any other housewives? E-mail me, post on my facebook or tweet me!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Melissa Gorga : NOT a gold digger

Melissa is dying for everyone to know she's not a gold digger. She tells E!,
"When I hear her call me pretty much a gold digger, it's like putting a knife in my heart and twisting it, because I know that she knows that's not true," Melissa told me yesterday when she stopped by E! during her first trip to Los Angeles.
Gorga offers up some pretty convincing proof...

"Joe and I have been married for seven years and have three kids," Melissa explained. "We went through a time where we couldn't even buy diapers. We had to sell every house we lived in...Did I go anywhere? Would I ever? No. It hurts me that she would even put that out there, to put that in someone's head. And it doesn't even hurt me as bad as it hurts her brother."
Do you think Melissa is a gold digger? Comment, tweet me or post on my Facebook wall! 

Source: E Online

Housewives OUT & ABOUT: Beverly Hills Housewives Filming in Hawaii


Lookie here! Looks like we've caught a glimpse of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hill's 'girl's trip' for this next season. The paps caught the ladies filming in Hawaii!! Wonder what kind of dramz went down...  and where's Taylor? 

Source: Socialite Life.

Housewives OUT & ABOUT: Alex McCord & Simon VanKempen

I just checked out the pics on and NYC's Pride Parade looked like a blast! Spotted at the even were Alex and Simon! Let me know if you spotted any other housewives at the event. Congrats BTW to all of you in New York that can now marry the loves of your lives!

Source: CollegeCandy

Fib or Fact: Teresa vs. Drita

Rumors have been swirling that Drita D'Avanzo of Mob Wives would be taking on Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice in the Celebrity Boxing ring. I can officially tell you guys that is a FIB. Drita said, 
"Untrue," Drita said of the rumors last night, when we caught up with her at the season finale party for Mob Wives at Pacha NYC. "I wouldn’t do that. There’s rumors, but I wouldn’t do that. I’m trying to get away from the fighting in my life, this is something I grew up doing. I have a lot of pride, and I think that hurts me."
 First off, I celebrated my 21st birthday in Pacha NYC 's VIP section!! That place is bangin' lol.  Anyway, Teresa responded to that rumor via Twitter and said,

Think they got me confused w/ another NJ HW...Not in a million yrs!

Thank God because Drita might've killed my girl Teresa! Albanians can kick some serious ass! I didn't think that was true, Drita isn't really a fame whore & that doesn't sound like anything Teresa would be involved with.

Source: Complex

NeNe says F*ck Star Jones!!!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blind Item

Found an interesting blind item thanks to @tvtinsel !
#1 – This Real Housewife from the East is not only sleeping with one of the crew, he is also supplying her with prescription drugs that are not hers.
 Can someone fill me in?! Tweet me, email me, or post on my Facebook wall. DM me if you don't want to put yourself out!

Source: TV Time 101

Beverly Hills housewives hate on Kelsey Grammer

AND HE DESERVES IT! Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards and Adrienne Maloof had some choice words for Camille's ex! From E! News:
"She might be [dating again] after this weekend," Maloof said at earlier this week at the Critics' Choice Television Awards at the Beverly Hills Hotel. "She's presenting with me at the NHL Awards. I thought, 'Oh, hot hockey players!'"
Lisa Vanderpump cracked, "Anyone will do."
Kyle Richards took it a step further. "Anyone is better than Kelsey," she said with a big laugh.
"You know what?" Adrienne chimed in. "Even Giggy's better than Kelsey."
I'm glad to see the ladies sticking together! And agreed, little Gigalo is a hell of a lot better than douchey Kelsey. What do you think of the ladies coming to Camille's defense? Tweet me or post on my Facebook wall! Or comment! :)

Source: E Online

Friday, June 24, 2011

Nurse LuAnn


Michaele Salahi is a hot mess performing 'Bump It'


View more videos at:
Heal The Bay
 Kelsey Grammer is refusing to let his children be apart of the next season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. That's pretty hilarious considering it was blatantly obvious he pushed Camille into joining last season. He also had no qualms with his kids being on camera then! He's just a mean mean dude. Really! Camille told E! about the situation, 
"My ex wouldn't sign the release, so you are not going to see my children."
Her daughter is upset about not getting camera time this year,
"Mason really wanted to be a part of the show."

How does her son feel? Camille states,
"My son is too young and well, he's a boy."
What do you guys think about Kelsey's sudden change? Do you think he's a hypocrite? Tweet me or post on my Facebook wall! 

Source: NY Post

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Real Housewives of New York Reunion Preview

Here are your TwitPic and tweet previews of the Real Housewives of New York reunion today! 

Ramona Singer (@ramonasinger) : With taking a break from filming the reunion its been wild !!!

Ramona Singer (@ramonasinger) :I survived the reunion! (and don't did Andy haha)

Alex Mccord ( ): lol who will win Miss Congeniality?

Jill Zarin (@Jillzarin) : Do u like this for reunion??
Jill Zarin (@Jillzarin) : Omg! What a day!!!
Jill Zarin (@Jillzarin) : Thank u @SonjatMorgan@kellybensimon for another great season. Cheers!
Jill Zarin (@Jillzarin) : With my Girls our own after party!

Cindy Barshop () :Getting ready with Caitlin from , do u have ur game face on?

Cindy Barshop () : Love you !

LuAnn de Lesseps (): Having a great time with the girls!

LuAnn de Lesseps ():After 12 hours of taping the reunion, time to party with

Andy Cohen's photo #DramaByBravo

Kelly Bensimon () :Every , asks a quick reflection on the season.TELL ME how I've changed this season!I will quote you on

Kelly Bensimon () : and . I loved the reunion even though its so hard to film. Oof. Loveee u for making me meeeeeee. Xoxoxo kelly

Kelly Bensimon () : Love my

Kelly Bensimon () : am I the housewife whisperer? Xooxoox u did a gr8 job today.

Kelly Bensimon () : Me and my besties. Where's

Sonja didn't really tweet during the reunion. What do you guys think? Tweet me or write on my Facebook wall! Or leave a comment. :)

Kyle Richards is the next housewife to....

Write a book! She has signed up with HarperOne to create a 'lifestyle' book. Kyle says, 

"I plan to write about my passions: My husband, family, work and the joy of juggling it all."
I think Kyle would have loads of great advice. I see her as the young Caroline Manzo of the west coast! :) What do you think? Tweet me or post on my Facebook wall

Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle Richards talk to E!


NeNe talks about her camera balls


RHONY Reunion Spoilers

Michael Musto of The Village Voice Blogs attended Gawkers 'Summer of Love' rooftop party to benefit the Empire State Pride Agenda Foundation. Also in attendance, were some of my favorite housewives fresh off the reunion taping. Here's what his convo with Alex McCord looked like:

"The whole thing was like a cage match," she said.
"Ooh, lots of TV conflict?" I cooed. "But you're not a fighter, unless provoked, right?" I added, totally faking it. (I don't watch TV except cable news and reruns, remember?)
"If I'm provoked, watch out," replied Alex. "I had a lot to say and to get off my chest!"
Sonja then chimed in about how she felt the reunion went, 
"Horrible!" Sonja boomed. "I had to defend everyone and people were attacking me.
"Kelly said my house is dirty and disorganized!
"You don't say that to someone when they're going through a divorce and a lawsuit and..."
"I'm going to get a beer."
Ooh... sounds like some dramz went down. I just hope the house comment isn't the extent of it. So now that we've heard from Team Blonde... let's hear from Team Brunette!!
Source: Village Voice

Catch a glimpse of Danielle Staub on Famous Food


Catch a glimpse of former Real Housewife of New Jersey Danielle Staub in this clip from VH1's 'Famous Food.' The show airs July 10 at 10 PM ET/P !

Housewives OUT & ABOUT: Camille & Adrienne present award


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Camille & Adrienne talk to E!


Team Lynne


Housewives OUT & ABOUT: Adrienne Maloof & Camille Grammer

Adrienne and Camille kicked off their summer by attending a purse party in Beverly Hills, check out the deets & pictures here.

Kathy Wakile talks to 92.3 Now


Di Petroff & Allison Brod: Real Housewives of New York?

Allison Brod
Di Petroff
A few weeks ago, we reported the Bravo was considering dropping the entire New York cast and starting fresh with a more beautiful and glamourous cast that could be the east coast answer to the Beverly Hills housewives. Apparently Bravo has repeatedly approached these women to be apart of the Real Housewives of New York cast and they repeatedly deny them. The NY Post claims these ladies are some of the top candidates to replace the current cast. That's not the only reality show Brod has been asked to be apart of,

"I have turned down every reality show offer -- a pink office with 50 girls is a big draw for development people. That said, being on the finale of 'The City' and my name being called a c - - t on 'Entourage' [creator Doug Ellin named a character after her who sued Jeremy Piven's character Ari Gold for sexual harassment] was enough buzz."
You can find out a little bit more about Allison's business on her website. Di Petroff attended the University of Vermont and is married. Check out her company here.
Source: NY Post

Teresa cooks for Daily News


Wait, who's filming what?!

Okay so a couple of reports out of Jersey suggest the ladies are already filming their fourth season! Also, RHONY Cindy Barshop recently tweeted that she was filming. Not to mention, both the Beverly Hills and Atlanta housewives are most definitely filming right now! To add to all of this mess, Bravo is also reportedly working with the Miami cast. Last but not least, let's not forget the Orange County ladies film every summer! What is going on here? I'm totally thrown off by this calendar and would like someone to fill me in. I thought Bravo filmed like clockwork, March-July/August = RHOBH/RHOA film. May- September= RHOC films. September/October-Jan/Feb =RHONJ/RHONY filming. Tell me what it going on please. Tweet me, e-mail me or post on my Facebook wall!

Kyle Richards Holds Annual White Party


Last season, I watched with envy as the ladies celebrated summer at's annual white party. It looked to be a fab time, this year was no different. Well, except didn't passive aggressively gift and new housewife  was in attendance.

Source: The Daily Mail

Housewives OUT & ABOUT: Beverly Hills Housewives

Kyle Richards, Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof, Taylor Armstrong, Kim Richards and Lisa Vanderpump were all present at the Critics' Choice Television Awards last week. Check out the pictures here.

Housewives OUT & ABOUT: Alexis Bellino

Orange County housewife Alexis Bellino shows off her bangin' bod in a gold bikini. Check out the pics that make me want to hit the gym for a second time today here.

Media Takeout: Peter is currently on trial for being a woman beater!

Media Takeout claims Peter Thomas, the husband of supermodel and Real Housewife of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey is facing charges of simple battery. He allegedly did so against a female employee named Tamela. He's having a bench trial and could face up to a year in prison. What do you guys think of this? What are your opinions on Peter? Tweet me. E-mail or DM me if you know anymore about what's going on here.

Housewives OUT & ABOUT: ATL Housewives

Atlanta housewife Cynthia Bailey and husband Peter Thomas hosted a party at BarOne in Grant Park in Atlanta. NeNe Leakes, Phaedra Parks, Sheree Whitfield and the Bravo crew were all in tow. Bet this event will make the next season of ATL Housewives! Wonder who was bringing the dramz that night! Cynthia looks AMAZING. BTW-- I looked through the pics and couldn't spot Marlo or Kim. Check them out here.

Kim Richards talks to E!


Jill claims Mario Singer shoved her

Jill and Ramona are still talking about what went down at party in the Hamptons a few weeks ago. Jill explained to E! about Mario, 

"He definitely scared me," she said last night. "He was belligerently screaming at me in front of friends. I was shocked. He shoved me. Darren [her assistant/rep] was my witness and he had to get in the middle and tell him to get off of me.
Ramona stands by the fact that the story is exaggerated, and Alex McCord agrees with her. 

"I wouldn't put much stock in what you are reading in the gossip column," she said. "Sometimes the things that get leaked out are truthful and sometimes the things that get leaked out are not and sometimes they are malicious. Sometimes that fight is on our show and sometimes that fight is in the press."
Source: E Online

Housewives OUT & ABOUT: Jill Zarin

Jill attended the premiere of 'Bad Teacher' last night in New York. Check out the pictures here. BTW--- Ramona and Mario were there too. So were Alex and Simon.  Wonder if anything went down?!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Teresa talks Joe's potential 10 year prison sentence


This breaks my heart, I hope it isn't true. Teresa spoke to InTouch this week about Joe's latest arrest and how it could cost him ten years in prison. He recently was arrested for allegedly fraudulently obtaining a state driver's license with his brother's I.D. !
“It would be devastating,” said Teresa of the prospect of Joe going away – he is facing up to 10 year in prison. “I’m terrified. I don’t know what I’m going to do.” Teresa reveals she also worries about what a 10-year jail sentence would do to their four daughters – Gia, 10, Gabriella, 6, Milania, 5, and Audriana, 21 months.

“I would be very nervous about the kids if Joe were to go to prison,” admits Teresa. “Daddy is their hero and their king. They go crazy for him.” And of course the Giudices, well mostly Joe, uses this as an opportunity to take a shot at Teresa’s brother Joe Gorga. Joe “would not do “sh*t” for Teresa states Joe Giudice when asked who would help his wife in the case of a prison sentence.
I hope Joe can work things out. Those little girls love their Daddy! Yes, I am obvs a Teresa fan. Don't haaate. :)

Vicki Gunvalson interview with


Celebuzz interviews Kathy Wakile

Kathy answered several questions for Celebuzz and she didn't hold back! Here's one question.
What are the best and worst parts of being a real housewife?
The best part is the new experiences.  You are meeting new people.  I was a hairdresser for so many years, I would stand and work on my feet all day long.  I loved interacting with people.  I still love interacting with people.  That’s the best part of it for me, meeting new people.  Some people come up and share their story with you, it’s inspiring to know that maybe one word, one sentence I may have said touched someone.  I am getting a lot of people that are emailing me and telling me thank you so much for sharing your story about Victoria and that they are experiencing it in their life.  They don’t know how to move forward, I have a girl that emailed me yesterday and I want to sit down and email her back and tell her that even though everything turned out ok she is still having a hard time coping with what happened.  You consistently think that something is going to happen again or you may have a reoccurrence.  So to know that you reached someone on a more intimate level is very fulfilling to me and I think my family feels the same way. I think the downside is of course your privacy of course is really pushed a bit.  Then, the fact that people really think they know everything that happens and they have such strong opinions.  I think that the main thing, and I have discussed it with my kids, we get episodes a few days before.  We get the episode, we get to view it so we can make our writer blogs and comment on it.  We don’t even watch them a lot of times, you know we watch them once and then put it away.  People ask, “so did you watch the episode?” not yet, we didn’t get a chance to, well why didn’t you watch it, well the only reason why I do watch it because I have to write my blog, other than that, I know what I did, I know who I am, and that’s what I can not, and my children can never lose site of, when we close the door, we know what our real reality is.  That’s what we put forth, the only thing they put together, what everyone is going to see, is just a snippet of reality.  I really can’t get caught up in someone’s opinion of me because I know my intentions, I know why I did something, and I know whatever our reality is has been working for us really, really well so we have to remain focused on that.  So that’s the only thing when people have really strong opinions, you’re like ok, it does hurt, but it takes a little awhile to put things into perspective.  I think the first trailer that went out, I was right upstairs and they told me the trailer was out, I got on my PC and I started to look at it and it was a snippet about me telling my daughter that they told me she may have cancer.  We both looked at it and we didn’t really think much about it, they didn’t show the rest of it of course to make it more dramatic, and then I started getting calls from everyone, from everyone that knows me, asking what it was talking about and saying I wasn’t telling them something.  I didn’t like the way that they did that.  Other people’s opinions start to effect the way you think.  We sat everyone down and we said this is going to happen every single week, we have to just keep focused, we know what we said and we know what we did, we know what the truth is.  We know how things can be perceived, don’t let other people’s opinions of who you really are effect who you are going to be.  I think a lot of people get caught up in that, they start, “oh this is the image I portray on tv, oh I am going to start becoming that image.”  You get boxed in, you can’t let that define you.  You have to just keep going about your life as normal as possible as you can.
Check out the rest on Celebuzz.

Housewives franchise in Texas?

Andy Cohen revealed to Variety that Bravo did try to create another Housewives franchise in Texas, but it didn't work out.
"You only want cities with strong points of view, cities that have strong regional personalities," he explains. "We've tried to mount a Texas (incarnation), but we never hit the nail on the head with casting."
As far as where Bravo is headed he had some positive news.
"We're at a really good place right now," says Andy Cohen, executive VP of original programming and development at Bravo, which also has enjoyed success spinning off its "Top Chef" franchise. "Each city will be on for three or four months, and then they go away for close to a year. That's a nice thing. It allows the women to regroup. It also allows the viewers to miss them."
 Source: Variety

Dina on Good Day NY


Out and About: Alexia Echevarria & Cristy Rice

Real Housewives of Miami Alexia and Cristy attended Bacardi's reintroduction of Hatuey Beer. Check it out here.

Andy Cohen to be Regis Philbin's successor?

As avid watchers of Watch What Happens Live, I assume a lot of my readers already know about this! Regis Philbin announced five months ago that he was leaving Live With Regis and Kelly in November. Well guess who is one of the top contenders to replace him? Our favorite Bravo boss, Andy Cohen! He's also up against Kelly's gorgeous hubby Mark Consuelos and the fab Anderson Cooper. All great contenders, I think if they choose any of those guys, it will breathe a whole new life into the show! New audience too!

Source: Wall Street Journal

Sunday, June 19, 2011

If you're in Jersey this July 4th...


Has Vicki has been with Brooks since 2005?!

Woahhh... this only gets crazier. RadarOnline recently spoke to Brooks Ayers' ex Debbie Keane. She had a lot of interesting things to say.

“I was tagging along on a business trip with Brooks in 2007 in West Palm Beach, Florida and he kept talking about how his friend who was famous was coming to the conference.”

“She sent him a text saying ‘finally here, I need a drink.”

Debbie claims she confronted Vicki about flirting with her then boyfriend Brooks,

“She told me to mind my own business and then went and told Brooks he needed to ‘keep your girl in check.’”

RadarOnline then spoke to Vicki, who painted a different picture. She said that when she met Debbie at the conference she “was really nice and complimented me on the show and on my outfit.” She said there was no fight.

That's not all Debbie had to say,

“In 2009 Brooks was at my house in Memphis when Vicki started texting him while she was away renewing her vows.  He told me she was saying that Don was so good to her but she didn’t really care anymore.”

 Vicki denies that and claims she didn't have any service while renewing her vows in Turks & Caicos.

Remember that little shopping trip Vicki went on with Brooks? Everyone was saying he paid for it. Well, according to Debbie that is false. She claims Brooks told her, "Vicki went to change and I signed her name to her  credit card receipt in the store, I didn’t pay for her new clothes myself." He also said, “I’m not just seeing Vicki, I’m talking to three other women too.”

Vicki told Radar that she and Brooks are 'taking a break' right now. Sounds like a good idea Vicki! What do you guys think? Who is telling the truth here? Tweet me or post on my Facebook wall!

Source: RadarOnline

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Countess on Good Day NY


Bethenny chats about Season 3 of Bethenny Ever After

Andrew Todd
Bethenny told Babble what the next season of Bethenny Ever After will be focusing on,

“I wouldn’t want to focus on another pregnancy, because we’ve been there, done that. Mentally, it’ll be more. I think it’ll probably focus more on how difficult it is, having more money – what feels right and what doesn’t. We’ve been discussing buying another apartment.”
To read the full interview click here

Ramona & Jill Hamptons Fight: Round 3

So we've heard Ramona's side. We've heard Jill's side.They both claim that the other is a liar and/or exaggerator when it comes to talking about the argument that led to their husbands at eachother's throats.  Now it's time for... the truth? Well, possibly. Here's what the New York Post said actually happened:
MAYBE you heard Jill Zarin and Ramona Singer, New York's unreal Housewives, had a Hamptons dust- up. What actually happened was: Jill called Mario, Ramona's husband, disfaithful. Jill says Mario then pushed her. Mario says he didn't. Ramona says Jill's an exaggerator. Can't separate reality from TV. Ramona says she's jealous. Want to know what I say? Who cares about the whole lot of them?
I'm over the Jill and Ramona drama it's as lames as the Kim and NeNe drama. I just want these pairs of ladies to be friends. Come on now!  What do you guys think? Tweet me or post on my Facebook wall!

Source: NY Post