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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kyle Richards Sells Sitcom Pilot

Kyle Richards is taking the media by storm, hitting every outlet she can in promoting her new book, Life Is Not a Reality Show. She's chatted about everything housewives, her views on love and beauty and now she's revealing a new opportunity that has come her way, - a sitcom based on her life!

Kyle told E! "I actually just sold a pilot, a half-hour sitcom. I can't say to who yet because they want to announce that…but a lot of fun things [have] come with [Real Housewives] — there's good and bad, ups and downs." 

She mentioned she would like to see Jennifer Aniston or Jenny McCarthy in the lead role. Jenny McCarthy would be absolutely hysterical! But I love Perez Hilton's suggestion of Denise Richards. With any of those ladies, the show is sure to be a hit.

Are you looking forward to the sitcom?