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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

EXCLUSIVE! Tamra Barney Says 'Lauri Returned to Stir Up Some Sh#*% !'

Megan Miceli and Tamra Barney
Tonight I attended Tamra Barney's East Coast Bachelorette Party at Noma Social in New Rochelle, New York.

It was a fun get together brought to us by Illumination PR where fans had the chance to socialize with RHOC's Tamra and a couple of other Bravolebrities (who were also genuinely cool girls... more on that later!), enjoy a few cocktails and check out some fabulous products as well.

Tamra was great to all the fans who came out, socializing with everyone  at Noma Social like she personally sent their invitation. I had the chance to interview her about the upcoming season and our girl didn't disappoint! She dished on Lauri Peterson's return, new cast member Lydia McLaughlin and the relationships between her cast mates this season. Are there any housewives who after filming this season, you're kicking off your wedding guest list?

Tamra Barney: Well  I don't know  that all the housewives will be invited to my wedding, and I can't say which ones because this season we go up and down, friendships all around go up and down,  and I don't want to let you know where we stand right now. How do you feel about Lauri [Peterson] returning?

Tamra Barney: Lauri came back to stir up some shit, she really did. I think Lauri came back to try to get her job back. So she definitely stirred up a lot of stuff that even me, I probably wouldn't have gone there. So it will be interesting to see a different Lauri because before we have always in the past have this Lauri that was very conservative, this is like shit talking Lauri. How do you feel about Lydia [McLaughin]?

Tamra Barney: I like Lydia, she comes off very sweet but don't cross her. She's this very sweet girl but she's got an edge to her like she'll tell you exactly how she feels. So yeah, she scares me a little bit.

Overall, Tamra was very chill and I love that I can talk to her at eye level, team smalls y'all! Be sure to watch the video of the interview below.

Thank you to Tamra Barney for chatting with me and to Robyn from Illumination PR. 

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